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Equipment Acquisition advisory services are available for piston, turboprop, and turbine aircraft. Our agents and partners have extensive operational experience with a wide variety of civilian aircraft. World Class Business Development Company is a worldwide Brokerage and Consulting Corporation. We represent and work with major Worldwide companies.SEE MORE


Boeing 727: Dry and Wet /ACMI Lease
Boeing Cargo: 727-200F: Dry and Wet /ACMI Lease
Boeing737-200: For sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing Cargo: 737-200F: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 737-300: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 737-300F: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 737-400: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 737-700: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 737-800: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 737-900: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 747-200: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 747-200F: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease

Boeing 747-400: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 747-400F: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 757-200: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 767-200ER: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 767-300: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 767-300ER: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 777-200: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 777-200ER: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing 777-300: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease
Boeing Business Jet( BBJ): For sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI
Boeing VIP: for sale, Dry, Wet/ACMI lease


Airbus 319: Dry and Wet /ACMI Lease
Airbus 320: Dry and Wet /ACMI Lease
Airbus 330: Dry and Wet /ACMI Lease
Airbus 340: Dry and Wet /ACMI Lease


Your aircraft's needs are important to us; We must have following information before replying to your inquiry.
Block hours per month? Base location?
Lease Length? (how long will the lease be for)
Starting date? (When the aircraft is needed?)
All inquiries must be official and made on the letterhead of the end users. All inquiries for purchase, lease purchase, Wet Lease, ACMI Lease & Dry lease must also be sent to: INFO@WCBDCO.COM


Business Plan Development
Route and Airport Analysis
Aircraft Acquisition (purchase or lease)
Crew staffing and training
Maintenance Staff and Training
Project Funding (Financing)
General and Commercial Aviation Training Facilities
Marketing and Sales for CARGO and PASSENGER services


  Organization and Management
  Program / Mission Organization
  Experienced in All aspects of aviation (General, Military, Commercial)
  Four tier management staff resources
  Training to International Standards (FAA, EASA, Jar Ops, IATA, ICAO)
  Staffing and Training
  Experienced Instructors of ALL levels of International aviation operations
  Quality Assurance program and training
  Manual preparation and revision services
  Air to Ground Communications Network and Global Internet Services
  Procurement of latest technology voice and data communications
  Personnel Training to International Standards including maintenance
  World Wide communications net with monitoring capability
  Website development
  GSA Equipment and Maintenance
  Appropriate airport support equipment for all anticipated operations
  Operator training
  Equipment maintenance and support
  Dispatch / Weather Center
  Flight Planning resources
  Latest weather depiction and printing equipment
  Equipment training and maintenance
  Quality Assurance
  Sales and Marketing
  New business promotions
  International business associations for potential clients
  Connect with International business database
  International Certification and Recognition
  FAA compliance and standards
  EASA compliance and standards
  JAROPS compliance and standards
  ICAO and IATA compliance and standards
  Insurance coverage for consumer and facilities owners
  International standard insurance for consumers and facilities owners


  Design, Engineer and Construction of Hanger Facilities
  Determine area required and aircraft support needed
  Design facilities based on mission objectives and area and local resources
  Construct facilities to all local and international construction codes
  Determine availability of Prefab units
  Maintain quality standards while looking for minimum costs
  Organization and Management
  Identify the most effective organization structure for mission objectives
  Personnel recruitment within the country and in the region
  Management selection and oversight
  Data / Internet communications and accounting
  Data processing through the world wide web with data communications net
  Procurement the latest in internet and software data applications
  Centralized accounting
  Staff recruitment, testing and Training
  Personnel recruitment and testing
  Manuals development
  Facility Security & Surveillance
  TSA standards training and supervision
  Latest technology surveillance equipment procurement
  Maintenance and technical support
  International Certification to include (Boeing and Airbus)
  All training and support to Air Bus and Boeing Standards
  FAA repair station certification
  JAROPS, UK, EASA repair station certification
  Inspection Center for General Aviation, Helicopters and Commercial Aircraft
  Transport Aircraft repair station and inspection
  General aviation (fixed wing and helicopter) repair station & inspection
  Military aviation repair and inspection station
  Equipment and Tooling
  Procurement of maintenance equipment
  Procurement of Inspection equipment
  Hanger support equipment and tooling
  Spare part storage and inventory control
  Lubricant storage and control